Welcome To The New Era

by Ron Evans

Hello, friends, and welcome to the new era of open source robotics! This blog is where we will discuss new and interesting developments on Artoo ( the cool new Ruby on Robots framework, as well as anything else interesting to the robot community at large.

Since we first showed Artoo to the world at the Los Angeles Ruby Conference 2013 last February, we have been working, playing, and expanding the project, adding more hardware support, and more. From Test-Driven Robotics (TDR) to the Command-Line Interface (CLI) this project is under very active development from our dedicated team, and wonderful community.

It has been said that “the greatest journeys begin with a single step”. We have a lot more exciting things in store for you, dear reader, so check back often as members of our team and special guests share about our work on this exciting new framework for open source robotics.

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