2013 - The Wrap Up Post

by Ron Evans

It was an amazing year for all of us on the Artoo team. The robot world tour ranged from Japan, to Mexico, and back again. We were genuinely honored to have so many great invitations to present our work with Ruby robotics over 2013. The open source robotics evolution is already here, and we appreciate all the enthusiasm and support we've had the from the community.

Overall, the interest in robotics, physical computing, and "The Internet of Things" has grown rapidly, and we're excited to be part of what can now be genuinely called a movement. We've worked hard to do our part, by improving the platform, by adding support for more hardware, and perhaps most importantly to keep improving our examples and documentation.

Since our first public introduction at the Los Angeles Ruby Conference last year, we've had such remarkable growth on the project. This is, of course, due to the support of the community. We promise we will do our part to keep everyone informed about our many activities in 2014. Now back to the show!

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