Fun At The Los Angeles Ruby Conference Robot Hackathon

by Ron Evans

Our idea of a good time involves a lot of robots, and at the robot hackathon that took place at last week's Los Angeles Ruby Conference ( we definitely optimized for fun. The previous week, Team Artoo just shipped version 1.6 of our open source robotics framework, and we were ready to let loose and enjoy ourselves.

As usual, we had brought with us several gigantic flight cases of gear, and robot enthusiasts of all ages were in attendance to program Spheros, Arduinos, and Leap Motions, along with all a fine collection of other interesting hardware devices. We had even brought with us our Rapiro robot that had just arrived from Japan earlier that day! More on Rapiro in a future post…

Here are a few photos we took of the fun:

Thank you to everyone who took part, we were really happy to share with all of you!

Please follow us on Twitter at @artooio for our latest news, which might even be that we're bringing our robot road show to your part of the world.

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