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National Robotics Week at BostonRB

In celebration of National Robotics Week, we brought our robot road show to Boston to speak to BostonRB, one of the US's most active Ruby communities. Held at Brightcove's office downtown, the turnout was quite impressive.

We had just introduced support for the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile EEG, so it was really fun to catch the crowd by surprise with our new "mind controller". Of course we had to include some current favorites, such as our version of Conway's Game of Life using Sphero robots.

Thanks everyone who came out to see us, we really enjoyed sharing our latest developments with the Rubyists of BostonRB!

Please follow us on Twitter at @artooio for our latest news, and find out the next stops on the robot world tour.



Fun At The Los Angeles Ruby Conference Robot Hackathon

Our idea of a good time involves a lot of robots, and at the robot hackathon that took place at last week's Los Angeles Ruby Conference ( we definitely optimized for fun. The previous week, Team Artoo just shipped version 1.6 of our open source robotics framework, and we were ready to let loose and enjoy ourselves.

As usual, we had brought with us several gigantic flight cases of gear, and robot enthusiasts of all ages were in attendance to program Spheros, Arduinos, and Leap Motions, along with all a fine collection of other interesting hardware devices. We had even brought with us our Rapiro robot that had just arrived from Japan earlier that day! More on Rapiro in a future post…

Here are a few photos we took of...



2013 - The Wrap Up Post

It was an amazing year for all of us on the Artoo team. The robot world tour ranged from Japan, to Mexico, and back again. We were genuinely honored to have so many great invitations to present our work with Ruby robotics over 2013. The open source robotics evolution is already here, and we appreciate all the enthusiasm and support we've had the from the community.

Overall, the interest in robotics, physical computing, and "The Internet of Things" has grown rapidly, and we're excited to be part of what can now be genuinely called a movement. We've worked hard to do our part, by improving the platform, by adding support for more hardware, and perhaps most importantly to keep improving our examples and documentation.

Since our first public...




The Artoo team has been having a great time at gogaruco here in San Francisco!

So far we have been treated to some amazing data visualizations, entranced by rubic’s cubes, and been inspired to look beyond our code, to our fellow coders, and the power of the community itself…

And that was just the first day!