Anyone can contribute to Artoo.

How To Contribute?

  • Spread the word: follow us on Twitter - @ArtooIO
  • Open a new issue if you find a bug, or have problems with our documentation.
  • Submit a patch! We can always use new code contributions. Please make sure to follow our contribution guidelines.

Submitting a patch

Setup the library

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Install dependencies: bundle install
  3. Make sure the tests pass: bundle exec rake test

Submitting code

  • Check the review guidelines
  • Fork the repo on GitHub
  • Point your local copy of Artoo to your fork
  • git remote rm origin ; git remote add origin[your-username]/artoo.git
  • Create your new feature branch (git checkout -b add/my-new-feature)
  • Commit your changes (git commit -am "Add new feature")
  • Push to your fork (git push origin add/my-new-feature)
  • Create a new pull request