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Artoo makes use of the Gort CLI utility, so you can access important features and connect to robots directly from the command line. We call it "RobotOps", aka "DevOps For Robotics". You can scan, connect, update device firmware, and more!

Gort does most of the heavy lifting for finding and connecting to devices. For more details, check out the Gort docs

Artoo CLI

The Artoo CLI is bundled with the artoo gem, and provides some basic functionality for generating new robots/adaptors, along with support for controlling robots over a REPL via the Robi console.

$ artoo
  artoo console ROBOT                  # Run a robot using the Robi console
  artoo generate <SUBCOMMAND> ...ARGS  # Generates a new robot or adaptor
  artoo help [COMMAND]                 # Describe available commands or one specific command
  artoo install <SUBCOMMAND> ...ARGS   # Installs utility programs, like socat
  artoo start ROBOT                    # Run a robot
  artoo version                        # Displays the current version

The Artoo tools are intended to be intuitive, and provide contextual help where appropriate.