Artoo has a extensible system for connecting to hardware devices.


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The ARDrone from Parrot is an inexpensive quadcopter that is controlled using WiFi. It includes a built-in front-facing HD video camera, as well as a second lower resolution bottom facing video camera.

+ info about the ARDrone platform click here

How To Install

Install the Artoo module providing ARDrone support through RubyGems:

$ gem install artoo-ardrone

How To Use

This small program lets the ARDrone takeoff, hover, and land.

require 'artoo'

connection :ardrone, :adaptor => :ardrone, :port => ''
device :drone, :driver => :ardrone, :connection => :ardrone

work do

  after(25.seconds) { }
  after(30.seconds) { drone.stop }

How To Connect

The ARDrone is a WiFi device, so there is no additional work to establish a connection to a single drone. However, in order to connect to multiple drones, you need to perform some configuration steps on each drone via SSH.

Automatic Reset From Emergency Mode

When you first connect to the ARDrone by calling the start method, if it is in "emergency" mode, the ARDrone will not take off. Artoo can automatically reset it back "normal" mode, to be able to fly IF you pass in the navigation like this example:

require 'artoo'

connection :ardrone, :adaptor => :ardrone
device :drone, :driver => :ardrone, :connection => :ardrone

connection :navigation, :adaptor => :ardrone_navigation
device :nav, :driver => :ardrone_navigation, :connection => :navigation

work do
  on drone, :ready => :fly
  drone.start(nav) # pass the nav object into the start method

def fly(*data)
  after(15.seconds) { }
  after(20.seconds) { drone.stop }


Available drivers for the ARDrone platform are listed below. There are three drivers for the ARDrone: the ARDrone for flight control, the ARDroneNav for navigation data, and the ARDroneVideo for grabbing video data.