Artoo has a extensible system for connecting to hardware devices.


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The BeagleBone is an ARM based single board computer, with many different GPIO interfaces built in.

+ info about the BeagleBone platform click here

We have created a bootable image of Arch Linux that contains the needed drivers to use the Beaglebone Black with Artoo. You can download it from here.

How To Install

Install the Artoo module providing BeagleBone support through RubyGems:

$ gem install artoo-beaglebone

How to use

This small program causes an LED to blink.

require 'artoo'

connection :beaglebone, :adaptor => :beaglebone
device :led, :driver => :led, :pin => :P9_12

work do
  every 1.second do
    led.on? ? : led.on


All Artoo digital GPIO and i2c drivers listed below work with the BeagleBone:

GPIO Drivers

I2C Drivers