Artoo has a extensible system for connecting to hardware devices.

Leap Motion

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The Leap Motion is a user-interface device that tracks the user's hand motions, and translates them into events that can control robots and physical computing hardware.

+ info about the Leap Motion platform click here

How To Install

Installing artoo with leapmotion support is pretty easy using ruby gems.

gem install artoo-leapmotion

How To Use

This small program uses a Leap Motion to detect the user's hand position

require 'artoo'

connection :leapmotion, :adaptor => :leapmotion, :port => ''
device :leapmotion, :driver => :leapmotion

work do
  on leapmotion, :open => :on_open
  on leapmotion, :frame => :on_frame
  on leapmotion, :close => :on_close

def on_open(*args)
  puts args

def on_frame(*args)
  frame = args[1]
  puts frame
  puts frame.hands
  puts frame.gestures
  puts frame.pointables

def on_close(*args)
  puts args

How To Connect


This driver works out of the box with the vanilla installation of the Leap Motion Software that you get in their Setup Guide.

The main steps are:

  • Run Leap to open a websocket connection in port 6437.
  • Connect your Computer and Leap Motion Controller.
  • Connect to the device via Artoo.


The Linux download of the Leap Motion software can be obtained from Leap Motion Dev Center (requires free signup)

The main steps are:

  • Run the leapd daemon to open a websocket connection in port 6437.
  • Connect your computer and the Leap Motion controller
  • Connect to the device via Artoo


There is only one driver for the Leap Motion platform as listed below.