Artoo has a extensible system for connecting to hardware devices.


Repository Issues

This repository contains the Artoo ( adaptor for the Spark core device ( using the built-in Tinker protocol.

How To Install

Installing artoo with spark support is pretty easy.

gem install artoo-spark

How To Use

You will need to have a Spark device, it's device ID (found via the build tool on Spark's website), and an access token from a registered Spark account.


This small program lets you turn on or off a LED for every 1 sec.

require 'artoo'

connection :spark, :adaptor => :spark, :access_token => 'XYZABC123', :device_id => '123ABC456'
device :led, :driver => :led, :pin => 'D0'

work do
  every(1.second) do

How To Connect

Once your Spark is connected via Wifi, you're done. It should keep itself connected, and your Artoo program should be able to connect to it via the Internet, using the access token that Spark has given you.


Available drivers for the spark platform are listed below, the drivers contain detailed documentation and examples of what kind physical computing (using artoo and ruby) you could be doing:

GPIO Drivers